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Customized Weight Loss

Hey you! Yes, you… the one who can’t stop grabbing your extra belly fat! Stop pinching your extra inches and whining about¬† your junk in the trunk! Time to get off your A*# and start doing something about it!

Here you will find real RESULTS that are catered to YOU and only YOU!

Time to put you and your SEXY self first once and for all! Let’s chat!

Oakville Mississauga Burlington NutritionistWhat you get:

  • Diet diary analysis- let me teach you where you were going wrong
  • Detailed health history
  • Body composition testing
  • PH testing
  • Tailored action plan based on your weight loss goals
  • meal plans and recipes to compliment your personalized plan
  • Take home binder with all the info (and more) that you need to be successful!

Food and lifestyle changes -Blood sugar and gastrointestinal regulation- Hormonal balance – Weight loss (that sticks)!

Questions about your diet?

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