Nutritional Coaching (one-to-one)

As each individual’s health concerns and goals are unique, The Oakville Nutritionist believes that each person should also be treated in a unique way; one-on-one coaching allows for this. At The Oakville Nutritionist we will analyze your current food and lifestyle habits, as well as conduct in depth body composition testing, to help us determine your personal needs. Based on the results, we will create meal plans, which take into account your busy schedule and lifestyle factors.

At The Oakville Nutritionist the session frequency is dictated by your unique needs. One-on-one sessions can be conducted in the comfort of your own home via the phone or even Skype or in the Oakville office. We love to see teamwork, so feel free to bring your partner!

Our mission at The Oakville Nutritionist is to help create a happy and healthier you; the relationship that is developed between the coach and client provides a great deal of motivation and support. Your goals are our goals!

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Michelle Armstrong as a Registered Nutritionist has provided health and wellness lectures to Nike, Running Room locations across the GTA, Citi Group, Halton School Board, Hatch and many more! If you work in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington (and surrounding areas) have the Oakville Nutritionist in for a Lunch and Learn at your office!

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