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You + Me (personalized coaching)

Ladies and gents, step right up! If you need help with any (and I mean ANY) health complaint or if you need simplified weight loss than look no further!

Do you want to:

    • Look better? YOU GOT IT!
    • Feel better? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!

 Check here for a list of health complaints we can help you rock out!

Don’t see yours here? No worries, just send us a note and we’ll get you feeling better in no time!

What you get:

    • Current diet diary analysis
    • Detailed health history
    • Body composition testing
    • PH testing
    • Tailored action plan based on your health and weight loss goals
    • Meal plans and recipes to compliment your personalized plan
    • Take home binder with all the info (and more) you need to be successful!


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