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Kitchen Makeover / Grocery Store Tour

It all starts in your own kitchen!!

We are often distracted by the vast array of unhealthy food choices out there, especially when they are stored in our own cupboards.

Let The Oakville Nutritionist makeover your kitchen and guide you in the grocery store to ensure delicious, healthy food options are the only choice for you!

The grocery store tour takes the guesswork out of grocery shopping!

Learn to:

  • Decipher confusing product labeling
  • Provide nutrient packed, healthy alternatives to current food selections
  • Introduce new “must have” foods and products
  • Make you the expert of your own health!

Resigning yourself to bland broccoli and tasteless turkey isn’t the plan. Start a healthy trend for you and your family! Everything begins at home.

Contact us for a quote!

Michelle Armstrong as a Registered Nutritionist has provided health insight speeches to Nike, Running Room locations across the GTA, Citi Group, Hatch and many more!

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