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Excuses (and fat) Be Gone! Weight Loss the Healthy Way

16 07 2013 0 Comment

We’ve all heard them and we definitely have all used them; excuses have become an easy way to justify why we can’t do this and didn’t do that! “Everyone else was having one, it was my birthday (my dog’s birthday, valentines’ day etc etc), but I haven’t had one in so long!” ____________ (insert own excuse).
Excuses seem to spew freely and unknowingly from our lips and before we know it they are not the odd feeble attempt to put off what we know should be done but have morphed into a regular part of our day to day vocabulary. no-excuses-white-design-280

Excuses give us permission to put off today what can be done tomorrow. Starting a diet when cupcakes are starring you down seems easy enough to put off, or just picking up some fast food because we’re too tired to make dinner. The excessive use of excuses not only leads us astray but even worse, we start believing these fabricated stories we tell ourselves about why we can’t or can do something. They have become so second nature to us that we have actually managed to trick ourselves into believing these excuses as truths.

At the end of the day it comes down to how badly we want it!
As a nutritionist I coach 99.9% of my clients on how to lose weight healthfully. I give them all the education, tools and accountability they could possibly ask for. Recipes galore, weekly food log analysis, pep talks and more! But if a person isn’t willing to do the work, than all that time and energy is in vein. Sometimes it’s just easier not to do it.

Instead of letting these justifications of inaction, fear and failure rule our lives, I challenge us to find the true motivation behind our goal. Why do you want to lose weight? Are you looking for a better sex life, to live longer for your kids? If the motive for weight loss isn’t truly important enough, if it doesn’t really resonate with you deep inside, than justifying the change will be next to impossible.
Secondly, we must identify road blocks. Emotions play such a huge role when it comes to fat loss, if we are unaware of these fears and struggles than how can we possibly plan to be successful? We must identify our triggers before they up and jump into our mouths.

Instead of “I’ll start tomorrow” and “oh well, she is doing it, so will I”, keep your personal reasons for change at the forefront of your mind. Have a vision board that reminds you of your goal, have a buddy system; someone who can support you. Hire someone to educate you and keep you accountable. Whatever your weight loss goal, knowing why you want it and what might stand in the way and how you will overcome these road blocks are essential to keeping you on track and excuses at bay!

“It’s not that some people have will power and that some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not” ~ James Gordon MD

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