Gobble Gobble: Surviving Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner


We all have lots to be thankful for at this time of year; family, friends and the abundance of foods on our plates. While it is wonderful to have this, it can certainly be troublesome for some and lead to weight gain.
So my suggestion, go in with a plan! Arm yourself with guidelines to follow that set you up for success and not with an extra 5lbs.

Table Tips:
  1. Bring something you can have: veggies/hummus, guacamole, shrimp cocktail or my favourite- grilled prosciutto wrapped asparagus spears. Yumm!!!
  2. Watch out for empty calories found in alcohol- they add up quickly. Lame I know, but ask yourself-   how badly do you want to lose/maintain your weight?
  3. Pick your poison – if you choose to have something pick your favourite thing- don’t have the apple pie and pumpkin pie plus cookies, plus plus plus….
  4. In the words of Sting, “Don’t stand, don’t stand so close to…” THE FOOD TABLE! Move away from the table when in conversation, this will prevent you from diving in mindlessly.
 During Dinner:

Fill your plate with protein and veggies and small amounts (or none) of the stuffing or mashed potato (these are high glycemix foods that will cause blood sugar fluctuations and sugar cravings!). If you are still hungry after 20 min go back for small amounts of the options you want.Remember, it’s not about deprivation- it’s about staying true to your goals and yourself. If you do end up indulging, go for an extra hike or boot-camp and move on.

~Image and recipe source: foodbabe.com