Announcing the Winners of the Healthy Photo Contest and Amazing Entries

The Healthy Photo Contest had ended today. All the entries were wonderful, making it a hard decision to choose a winner.

The winners are:

Bingbing Bing on Oakville Nutritionist

ON Bingbing 4

And 40, Fat and Fed Up on Strong Nutrition and Weightloss

SN 40 Fed up

Congratulations to all – it was great to see all the various kinds of entries!

Other amazing entries:
.ON Bingbing 1 ON Bingbing 2 ON Bingbing 3  ON Supreme Fitness ON Lindsey 1 ON Kim 3 ON Kim 2 ON Kim 1 ON Janet Jackowski ON Tara 1  SN Christie Turner 2 SN Christie Turner SN Rachel 1 SN Rachel 2

Healthy Photo Contest

healthy photo contest (2)

Oakville Nutritionist and Strong Nutrition has some exciting news for you! Starting December 20th, we will be holding a “healthy photo contest!”

The rules consist of submitting photos of anything. Be creative! This could mean recipes, food, exercise, activities, etc.

There will be two winners in total. The prize is a one-week free meal plan with awesome recipes!

More photos will count as additional entries.

The contest will end January 5th, and soon after, we will announce the winner.

Please submit your photos by commenting on one of our Facebook posts on Oakville Nutritionist or Strong Nutrition (clickable).

Good luck!