July Crunch Challenge 2015

Remember this contest from last year? The July Crunch Challenge is back! From July 1 to 30, please join me in completing this challenge, just in time for that summer body! I dare you!

crunch challenge

To qualify, please complete the amount of crunches stated in the picture above every day, and report back DAILY by either:

  • Commenting under this blog post,
  • Using the hashtags #JulyCrunchChallenge, #OakvilleNut, #StrongNut and stating that you’ve completed the amount per day on any of these pages:
    • https://www.facebook.com/OakvilleNutritionist
    • https://www.facebook.com/StrongNutritionandWeightloss
    • https://twitter.com/oakvillenut
    • https://twitter.com/strongnutt

Winner will get two free 60 minutes consultation for nutritional advice with me, can be on phone or in person! (worth $200 total)

Doesn’t cost anything to join, so let’s do it! :)

Spotting the Holiday Bombs

Q1: Is having a few alcoholic drinks ok? BurningAtomBomb

A: Yes. A drink (for females) or a couple (2 for males) is ok, but be mindful of calories.  The calories in alcohol can add up quickly. Drink slowly and alternate your alcoholic drinks with alcohol free, low calorie beverages (water!) Consider mixing your spirits with water or soda.

Q2: Is it ok go into hibernation mode in the winter as it’s too cold to exercise outside?

A: No. Balance extra calories from the holiday season with some indoor activity. Adults are recommended to have at least 2.5 hours per week of exercise. I jump on the treadmill each night for 30 minutes to keep my heart healthy and balance any indulgences.

One of my favourite sites for home workouts is hasfit.com. They are short and effective workouts that can be done in the comforts of your home.

Q3: I’m going to start fresh in the New Year with a healthy lifestyle. Is this ok?

A: No. You should never put off being healthy. It’s great to set goals and have a timeline to achieve them, but making those changes sooner than later will do the body good. Set realistic goals – taking into account the holiday season and parties. You can always take your goals up a notch in the New Year.

Remember, you have one more month to rock out a killer body, don’t waste it!

Q4: Holiday parties are so tempting and so bad for my diet. How can I manage?

A: You are in control of your actions. To help you decrease overindulging at a holiday party, have a meal/snack before you go. For buffet parties, check out all your options and keep your trips to the buffet table to 1 plateful. Focus on enjoying the holiday foods that are only available at this time of year. Forget the stuff you can get all year round. Offer to bring a healthy dish to a party – if nothing else, you can at least have some of your own dish. Keep your portion sizes in mind.

Q5: Is it true that all the yummy holiday foods are unhealthy?

A: False. Scour the internet! There are always healthier alternatives to making something. Think about lowering the salt, using herbs and seasonings to flavor food, using less oil/butter and even using less sugar. You may be surprised at how good things still taste!

Here are 3 ideas to get you started:

1. Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and baked

2. Shrimp and cocktail sauce

3. Caprese salad sticks

Q6: Is it a good idea to reward myself for being good this holiday season?

A: True. It is a great idea to reward yourself for your achievements – big and small! Rewards keep you motivated and push you to do better for your personal success. We encourage you to have reward yourself with a non-food related rewards such as a spa day, mani/pedi, new movie, or even buying that new top you’ve been dyeing to wear to that next Christmas party.


For more info on keeping trim and stress free this holiday season, click here: http://www.chatelaine.com/health/wellness/dr-oz-healthy-holidays/

July Crunch Challenge Starts TODAY!

The July Crunch Challenge starts today! Are you ready? I, along with some other participants have done our part for the day! Thank you to all of you who joined.

It’s simple – all you need to do is to comment here every day you do the challenge. For those who have done the challenge every day until the end will be entered into a draw for a free personalized plan, valued at $175! Hooray!

*open to new clients only

Happy Canada Day! Have a good long weekend, everybody!

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Thank you to all who participated. The results of the contest can now be found here.