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Hi! I’m Alex! I’m a nutritionist who is fiercely passionate about health, food, wellness… and breakfast.

BREAKFAST! Gosh, even the word is beautiful. It is the (delicious) fuel that replenishes your body after a long nights rest, and gives you the energy and momentum to tackle your day head on. After all, if you don’t take care of yourself first how can you possibly try to take on the rest of the world?!?

So how come so many of us opt to skip this fantastic meal all together? I’ve heard it all.

“I’m just not hungry in the morning”

There is no rule which says you need to eat a 3-course meal for breakfast. If you wake up without much of an appetite have something protein rich (a small portion at first) I can almost guarantee that once you begin to eat consistently in the morning, your body will come to yearn for it (this is a good thing!) Replenishing your fuel stores after a long night sleep is exactly what your body needs to reset and kick into gear for the day ahead!

“If I eat breakfast I’m hungrier throughout the day. If I don’t eat I can suppress my appetite better”

Eating is not a punishment, nor is it something we should strive to avoid. Many people think that by skipping meals we can “save on calories” leading to weight loss. There have been numerous studies which prove quite the opposite. Calorie omission can do some serious damage to your metabolism and mess with your blood sugar. This can lead to poor food choices throughout the day, increased mindless snacking, and over-eating once lunch / dinner finally rolls around.

The fact is our bodies NEED to eat- quite simply our food is our fuel and calories are energy. No matter how much we try to suppress this basic human need our bodies will not stop reminding you that you NEED TO EAT ( hunger pangs, mood / energy fluctuations, etc).

“I don’t like breakfast food”

Eggs too boring? Add some salsa, avocado, and sautéed spinach to the mix! Plain yogurt no fun? Try throwing in some nuts, cinnamon, and fresh berries! The message here is great creative! Think outside the box if standard breakfast dishes bore you. Plus, who is to say leftovers can’t be breakfast? Ever tried re-heated sweet potato breakfast hash? Mmm…

“I don’t have the time”

Everyone has the time. It’s up to you to MAKE time! Go to bed earlier. Prep the night before.

The key in all of this is not simply just to eat, but to eat smart. Keep breakfast simple and healthy. Avoid the processed, sugary dessert-like breakfast cereals, muffins and bars at the grocery store and opt for protein rich whole foods like eggs, nut butters and whole grains.

Remember, breakfast is exactly that: it’s what breaks your 7-8 hour sleepy time fast and reminds your body that you love it. It enables you to reconnect with yourself and your environment. It’s your reset button.

Tomorrow morning I encourage you all to get up and hit your reset buttons – start fresh, and treat yourself to a delicious, nutrient rich breakfast.


Guest post by Alex Nucci, Nutritionist


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