Surviving September

Surviving September




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We’ve been dreading it for months, the weather is getting cooler, there’s more traffic on the streets, school lunches need to be made again…yes, September has arrived. I’m as sad as you.

A concern I hear on a regular basis from my clients is how to maintain or resume healthy habits when chaos ensues.

Bulk Up:

A great method I really appreciate is prepping all or some of the meals ahead of time. This method takes a little upfront effort, but think about how seamless your week would be!

I hear a lot of concerns about the month of September from moms in particular. Kids are back to school, extracurricular activities have started again and dinner is just barley being squeezed in. Think about prepping and freezing some meals ahead of time (now) so when the madness ensues you are ahead of the same. See below for one of my favourite prep and freeze recipes.

Map It.
Last week you learned one meal prep method to ensure healthy meals get on the table despite a busy schedule. Everyone has their own way…

Here is how I do it:

Here is an analogy that I like to use. Pretend that you were going to spend 2 days driving to Florida for a relaxing vacation at the beach. In order to get there, you’d need to plan your route, book a hotel to stay in for the night, make reservations at must-have restaurants you have never been to before and perhaps, pack some snacks and some games/books for a little entertainment.
While en-route, after having done all the initial prep work, would it make sense that you would change your route for no particular reason? Re-booking new hotels and restaurants would just be a pain in the butt and, not to mention, a waste of time.
The point is, once you have made your plan, the odds of sticking to this are very good. The same goes with food prep. If you lay out a plan ahead of time, the odds of you straying from your original plan are slim.

My way:
Step 1. Make a list of 7 different dinners you would like to have. Take into account busy nights of the week (i.e. don’t plan to make a roast on the same night you need to drive your kids all over hell’s acres).

Step 2. Write down the groceries needed to make these meals. Tip: Plan to make extra portions so you have left over’s for the next day. Buy groceries for the whole week at one time.

Step 3. Put this list up on the fridge so everyone in the household knows what to expect for meals.

Step 4. Put this list in a file folder and reuse every 4 weeks.
What I like most about this, is that the thinking, during the busy week, has been eliminated. If I follow my plan, I know what needs to be pulled out of the freezer the night before, I know if I need to prep something ahead of time and I feel like dinners go off without a hitch.


If you want the template I use for my weekly meal prep, comment below. The first 10 people to comment at the bottom of this blog with a meal prep tip will be sent my weekly template. Make sure to include your email address in the comment.

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