2015 #JulyCrunchChallenge: WINNER

Thank you to all who participated in this Crunch Challenge (#JulyCrunchChallenge).

And the WINNER of the 2015 #JulyCrunchChallenge is…((drumroll, please))…


Tena Kellet! Tena, please contact me (I e-mailed you) and I will give you information on how to claim your consultation prize :) Congratulations on winning!

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Michelle Strong

Living and teaching health and wellness is what I am truly passionate about and I think that translates with the success of all my clients. Whether you have low energy, sleep issues, high cholesterol or 10, 20, 30 or more pounds to lose, I know that our time together will be valuable and you WILL be successful!

One thought on “2015 #JulyCrunchChallenge: WINNER”

  1. Can’t believe I won that’s awesome. Can’t wait to get started with you. Let me know how to get going.


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