New Year’s Resolutions? No Way!

“2015 is going to be my year! I’m going to work out every day, stop drinking and eating junk food and find a better job!” Sound familiar?new-years-resolution
Year after year I hear people make promises to do all those things they know should be done and have been neglecting for weeks, months or even years. Gym memberships skyrocket, the cupboards are purged of all the Christmas chocolate, cigarettes are thrown out and the booze gets locked away. But is this realistic? Often just weeks after resolutions are made, the gyms become desolate wastelands, passing up on dessert is tougher than a two dollar steak and promises of healthier days are sad and gone.
This year I propose something different, forget the New Year’s Resolutions (that are often unrealistic and let’s be honest, kinda lousy too) and focus instead on the big picture.
As a nutritionist, one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions I hear is “I want to lose weight”. So, in going along with our plan to skip making resolutions this year, here are my three tips for losing weight without setting ourselves up for disappointment.
1. Make sure you actually want what you are after. I know it sounds crazy, but many people walk into my clinic wanting the world, but when push comes to shove, they don’t want to make the changes necessary for weight loss.
How do you know if you want it? If you know without a doubt you are willing to move heaven and earth to get that weight off then I’d say you want it. Or ask yourself, on a scale of 0-10, how badly do you want this? If your answer is anything but a 10/10, then perhaps you are not ready for the commitment.
2. Switch it up. If you have tried every diet out there, read every book to be read yet still aren’t getting the results you want, consider that you need to take another path to reach this goal.
My suggestion: write a list of how you attempted weight loss in the past. You might see items like Weight Watchers, diet books, starvation/extreme diets on this list. Look at this list and beside each item write down what it was that didn’t work for you. Perhaps the extreme diets were too extreme or the books didn’t give you the accountability you needed? Now look at this list again and try to zero in on what you need this next (and last time) to be successful. I’m biased, but I would argue you need someone in your corner (me!). Someone who can put a personalized plan together for you based on your needs and lifestyle, someone for you to lean on when things get tough and someone who can hold you accountable when you can’t do it for yourself. Find someone who will help make this experience a lasting one so next year you can work on other aspects of your life!
3. Start saying ‘No’! Although this would apply to junk food quite nicely, I’m suggesting you start saying ‘No’ to the junk in your life. The over commitments, the extra hours at work, the laundry that is piling up and the make-work jobs you feel compelled to complete. Let’s start strengthening your ‘No’ muscle and keep stress at bay. If you can tone up this habit and make it a part of your regular vocabulary, think of all the extra time you will have to start focusing in on yourself. In many cases, the excuses I hear about failed attempts at weight loss stem from a lack of time. So before you can even use this excuse, make room in your life for new habits and a new lifestyle.

Healthy Photo Contest

healthy photo contest (2)

Oakville Nutritionist and Strong Nutrition has some exciting news for you! Starting December 20th, we will be holding a “healthy photo contest!”

The rules consist of submitting photos of anything. Be creative! This could mean recipes, food, exercise, activities, etc.

There will be two winners in total. The prize is a one-week free meal plan with awesome recipes!

More photos will count as additional entries.

The contest will end January 5th, and soon after, we will announce the winner.

Please submit your photos by commenting on one of our Facebook posts on Oakville Nutritionist or Strong Nutrition (clickable).

Good luck!