My Life as a Health Detective

My Life as a Health Detective: Solving one mystery at a time!


Upon hearing that I am a nutritionist, I often get a quizzical look and the question “so… you just tell me what to eat?” My answer to this is “no, that’s just one of many the things I do!”

The scope of my holistic nutrition practice is so much more than simply telling someone the best low calorie snack to have at their next dinner party. Of course if you are trying to lose some of that pesky belly fat than this is valuable information, but let’s look at you as a whole (not just the foods you sneak when no one is watching) and figure out why in fact you have belly fat to begin with.

Investigation of lifestyle is always where I begin. Of course what you eat is important, but just as important are sleep patterns (or lack there of), stress levels, physical activity, digestion (don’t try to tell me you aren’t gassy or bloated after a meal), supplementation, family history and so on. Just as a detective needs to find all the clues to solve a case, I need the WHOLE story too. So yes, that means we will discuss those unpleasant things like poop and that horrible gas you experience mid way through the afternoon.

Now of course everyone doesn’t suffer from bloat and gas, but whatever your health goal or concern is, my job is to ask the right questions, match up symptoms and cause and solve your “case” by tailoring a comprehensive plan of action that address all aspects of your main health goal. This often involves the following:

Food: Removing those foods that aggravate or interfere with your health goal. Yes this often involves reducing booze, sorry guys! Also and equally important is adding in specific foods that support and balance that goal of yours. Broccoli, berries and beets oh my!

Stress: Whether you think you have it or not, I will argue it’s there and you just haven’t realized it yet. Maybe you don’t recognize this so called ‘stress’ because you’ve always been functioning this way. Identifying stressors and addressing these is imperative to solving any health complaint. I promise when I say this, stress will slow progress to a turtle’s pace every time unless dealt with. Lucky for you, I’m a whiz at helping folks through this!

Digestion: Even though we are lead to believe that our heart is the centre of our body, guess what, I would argue that the digestive system is and therefore making it one of the most important systems to heal. Gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation? Been there, done that- so never fear you are in good hands with me when it comes to these unpleasant symptoms!

Food, stress and digestion are just some of the factors that play a role in any case; frankly, nutrition isn’t a one-size-fit- all type of deal. It’s very individualized and needs to be treated this way otherwise the truth won’t be discovered.

I didn’t grow up thinking I would make a living as a slooth, but here I am, collecting clues about each individual that walks through my door with the goal of helping to solve one health mystery at a time.