Common Food Misconceptions

Healthy Food Misconceptions 

Many of us are often questioning what truly is healthy and which items we should steer clear from. The media tends to create mass amounts of confusion in terms of which food items are good for us versus the ones we need to ditch. I am often asked questions about this. Here are five items that people think ARE healthy, but in fact are helping to pack on the pounds!

1. Orange Juice: this is a big one! We tend to assume it is a healthy item because it’s made from fruit. Beware however that the amount we drink tends to be significantly more than what we would actually sit down and eat in 1 serving. It takes 3-4 oranges to make 1 cup of juice so that is 3-4 x the amount of sugar ! The amount of sugar in just one cup of OJ is almost equivalent to a cup of coke/pepsi- most of us wouldn’t think to drink a pop for breakfast…. So this is definitely an item to moderate.

2. Granola: can consist of over 250 calories for a portion as small as 1/2 a cup! It tends to have a large amount of added sugar, as well, dried fruits, are  by concentration higher in sugar than fresh fruits are. Opt for plain oatmeal instead, add fruit and cinnamon to spruce up the flavour.

3. Flavoured Yogurt:  Even if it is 0%! Just 3/4 cup can be as much as 4-5 tsp of pure added sugar. In order to remain within our required daily calorie intake, choose a plain yogurt and add fruit or vanilla extract for flavour.

4. Vegetable Oil: it is high in unhealthy saturated fats, low in antioxidants, as well as being very inflammatory. Instead choose one of these healthy fats that will also help lower inflammation, body fat as well as being very good for your hair, nails and skin: coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, grape seed oil, or flax oil.

5. Dried Fruit & Fruit Bars: Unfortunately their convenience draws a lot of people to purchasing these items, however the processing they undergo leaves them lacking essential nutrients and enzymes. They are higher in sugar (similarly to the OJ concept). Higher sugar foods create imbalances in our blood sugars, causing us to reach for other foods high in sugar. Instead choose the fresh and alive version – whole fruit – and add flavour. See the our newsletter recipe on the side for a great idea!

Moderation is often key in the food choices we make. All of the above are okay in moderation, however can be replaced with much better and healthier options, which taste equally delicious. You will notice changes in your health and body by avoiding certain items, such as the aforementioned, and opting for the different options provided. After all, your body is the only one you have got, so treat it with respect and take good care of it.

Crunchy Spiced Chickpeas

Did you know? Chickpeas are considered one of the healthiest foods, due to its high fiber, protein, and folate contents. They are also called garbanzo beans,and are tan-coloured, spherical-shaped legumes. They have a mild nutty taste, and can be used as a substitute for meat. They can be found in the Mediterranean, Middle East and South Asian foods, like falafels or vegetarian burgers.

Do you have a salty craving this afternoon and need a quick pick-me-up? Try this recipe for a healthy, filling snack of crunchy spiced chickpeas and reap those benefits that chickpeas have to offer!


2 cans chickpeas -rinsed

1 tsp olive oil or grape seed oil

1 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp paprika

½ tsp cumin

Juice from a ¼ lime

Sea salt and pepper to taste

Pinch of chilli powder *optional

*you can add as much of each spice as you’d like and feel free to experiment by adding your own favourite flavours


crunchy chickpeas copy


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Combine ingredients well in a bowl

Line baking tray with aluminum foil and lightly spray with olive oil- top with chickpea/spice mixture and bake for 60 (or more minutes depending on crunch that you prefer)

*Toss mixture occasionally to bake evenly

Keep in an airtight container- will last for 2-3 weeks.

Delicious! Enjoy!